MoneyGate is an electronic money institution authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus. Its main activities include providing digital payment solutions with a focus on accepting and processing online payments, as well as issuing cards for e-commerce merchants and SMEs. 


Our intention was to improve the brand’s competitive positioning, customer acquisition, and retention through rebranding efforts. We aimed to revitalize the brand by giving it a modern look that would be more relevant to customers' needs, increase brand awareness, and distinguish it from competitors

We created a new visual identity by developing a unified system of design elements, including a new logotype, color scheme, typography, and overall "look and feel," as well as a new website, all guided by the brand personality. The updated aesthetic features a dynamic and fresh interpretation of the previous logo, with a 3D perspective symbol that combines the initials "M" and "G" in a vibrant and evocative way. The logotype's colorway, which includes Pumpkin Orange, Tyrian Purple, and Light Gray, provides a classic yet distinctive appearance that sets it apart.