Becoming a Tik Tok Success Story

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Becoming a Tik Tok Success Story

We are thrilled to announce that our ad campaign with Beat has become a Tik Tok success story published on the official Tik Tok for Business Europe website.


Tik Tok for Business highlights top brands that are killing it on the global video app by capturing new audiences and generating increased revenue. By taking a look at successful real-world campaigns, the platform educates future creators on how to make the most of Tik Tok for their business.


Featured in the Technology category, our case study with Beat deep dives into how we leveraged Tik Tok to boost app installs and reach an entirely new audience. Our ad campaign is the first and only case study in the Technology industry in Greece and the first App to become a Tik Tok case study in the country! 


Diving into our Case Study with Beat


The Beat App Title


Beat, formerly known as Taxi Beat, is an innovative Greek ride hailing start-up founded in 2011. First operating in Athens before expanding to Latin America, Beat is now one of the most successful taxi hailing apps in the world, with 500,000 drivers and 15 million users.


The Objective

To boost app installs amongst a brand new audience and grow the brand’s presence, we turned to Tik Tok to create an engaging ad campaign built on buzz, awareness, and a special 10 year anniversary.


The Solution


Leveraging the brand’s 10th anniversary, we created a series of ads that aligned with a holistic campaign, ran across social media platforms and TV. With a main message of "10 years of Beat", the videos were presented in a totally TikTok friendly way, completed with text overlays and slick editing, with the concept and design being led by Giraffes in the Kitchen. The day the campaign launched on TV, a One Day Max In-Feed Ad flight kicked off on TikTok to maximise coverage and boost virality. The next day, a Reach & Frequency Campaign was initiated, running for a whole week.


Making the Most of Tik Tok Tools


Our ad campaign was one of the first to adopt the Super Like 2.0 element, which displays icons on users' screens when they like a TikTok video, inviting them to a landing page where they can learn more in order to boost interactivity and engagement. To round up the campaign, In-Feed Ads were set up with an app install objective, targeted at custom audiences of those that interacted with the initial ads.


The Results


Our ad campaign with Beat performed incredibly well, exceeding all expectations for the brand while smashing benchmarks across the board.


The Results


When the One Day Max In-Feed Ad campaign launched on the first day of the campaign, total app installs (organic & paid) increased by an astonishing 35%. This led the cost per app install metric to drop by around 40% in iOS14+ campaigns when compared to other channels – the lowest ever achieved for the brand. Our campaign also delivered more than 1.3 million impressions with a reach of more than 1.1 million, proving genuine interest in the brand and its content from the TikTok community.


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