Making The Most of Pinterest in 2021

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Making The Most of Pinterest in 2021

Pinterest is an ever-evolving and underestimated visual discovery engine that is exceptionally good at attracting new customers and leading them down the conversion path.

A number of key features distinguish it from other popular social channels like Facebook and Instagram. 55% of all users visit Pinterest in order to buy a product, compare to only 12% of users on Facebook and Instagram respectively. Almost all searches on Pinterest are unbranded, which means that using the right keywords, such as ‘natural skincare’ and ‘wooden garden tables’, is key to getting your products noticed.


As brands expand their digital advertising, a growing number of companies’ top client reach has been coming from Pinterest. In fact, Pinterest’s e-commerce activity has thrived this year, as users spent more time shopping online, with the platform reaching a total of 416+ active monthly users.

Pinterest's User Base 

Understanding and listening to Pinterest's user base is crucial for making the most of Pinterest for business. Interestingly, half of all users share a high disposable income, and while female pinners make up the majority of users, the platform saw male audiences grow 40 percent YoY globally in 2020.

Peak Awards 2020

Keeping this recent trajectory in mind, over the past year at Relevance we focused on boosting our clients e-commerce campaigns, successfully using Pinterest to drive up website traffic and conversions. As a result, we were honored with two accolades at the 2020 Peak Awards, after helping our clients, Agnotis and Mothercare, two companies that specialize in children’s products, stand out on Pinterest.

For Agnotis, a new start up that produces and sells baby diapers, Pinterest offered a unique opportunity to increase new customer acquisition and brand awareness. Our team studied the popular and trending search categories around parenting over the last 12 months to determine the right interests and keywords targeting. Pinterest’s predominantly unbranded searches proved an advantage for a new player on the market.


Tips for Making the Most of Pinterest

Whether you are new to Pinterest or a long time user, the platform has introduced a number of new features over recent years responding to its growing e-commerce activity with a focus on prioritizing fresh content. We assembled a few key steps for making the most of Pinterest for your business in 2021. 

Leverage Video Pins 

As Forbes reported in 2020, video uploads on Pinterest skyrocketed 800% with total video views on the platform reaching 1 billion per day. What’s more, the view rate of video ads on Pinterest is three times higher than on any other social media platform.

The way in which users engage with videos on Pinterest differs from other platforms. They tend to favor videos that showcase new ideas, like how-to-tutorials and DIY walkthroughs. By advertising your product through dynamic video pins, you are much more likely to attract new audiences in a positive environment that inspires them to try something new. 


Implement Best Practices  

Pins communicate visually. In order to ensure that your pins drive traffic to your website or profile it is important to keep in mind the following tips: 

  • Include your brand’s logo on every image. 

  • Feature text overlay on each image, which mentions keywords related to your product (e.g. parenting, fashion, beauty). 

  • Feature a call to action like ‘Buy It Now!’ 

  • Use vertical images. 80% of Pinterest visitors use their mobile devices. 

  • Feature a clear product image so the pin can be detected by the camera search feature. 

As mentioned, video pins are an excellent way of engaging new audiences. Before posting a video on Pinterest, it is a good idea to optimize for sound off. Make sure to feature your business logo within the first 3 seconds, as many viewers taper off after crossing the 3 second mark. 

Tell a story 

In 2020, Pinterest introduced a story pins feature for businesses. While stories do not include direct links, they offer other benefits, like advanced targeting via topic tagging. If you are about to share photo of a meal, for example, you can share every step of the recipe that led to the final outcome. By curating a selection of products, you can showcase a broader range of your shop in a single go. It enhances customization and can let you tell your story in a fresh and compelling way. 

Follow the Latest Trends Forecast 

From a distance, Pinterest is like a large focus group offering a real view of trends data. Staying informed about the latest trending topics can be a useful tool for predicting which products will perform well in 2021. According to Pinterest’s 2021 business forecast, ‘Pinterest Predicts’, athleisure experienced a comeback this year, with keywords such as oversized outfit, trending in France, Germany and Brazil. The kitchen will become the new favored corner of the house, with trending searches for glassware, shelving and handmade plates. And the search for new entrepreneurial skills is growing among individual users in 2021, as they look for small business branding ideas, accounting tips, and marketing insights to apply to their brand. 


While keeping in mind your own analytics and the top searches related to your region, gaining insights from Pinterest’s business forecast can give you an enhanced view of consumer trends. This can help your prioritize which products to advertise on Pinterest and beyond.