Maximizing organic revenue and keyword rankings across Greece for Telis Kikeris

Maximizing organic revenue and keyword rankings across Greece for Telis Kikeris


We started working with Telis Kikeris eshop in April 2021 with the overarching objective being to Maximize Organic revenue by achieving Maximum Organic search Visibility and Rankings for keywords targeting the main categories relating to hair salon products.


● Technical Crawl Issues
● Lack of Content Strategy

Our client, Telis Kikeris eshop, has established a track record of successful Paid Search Campaigns, however, they had room to grow in Organic Search Campaigns. Both the structure and content of the e-shop needed a fresh look from an SEO perspective.


Relevance's SEO team focused on improving the site’s technical crawl issues, increasing organic search visibility on keywords related to Telis Kikeris’s niche, and improving rankings. Having realized the opportunity the account had to leverage users' organic searches and convert them into revenue, we designed a comprehensive SEO strategy that included the following:

On Site SEO
➔ Keyword Research Analysis
➔ Content Plan
➔ Blog Content Strategy
➔ On site Optimization
➔ Technical Audit
➔ Internal Linking Strategy

Off Site SEO
➔ Link building strategy (includes link profile management). Link analysis of competitors and the client's link profile using proprietary tools.

The team developed a targeted strategy to address the aforementioned issues, which was fully in line with the commercial goals of Telis Kikeris’s eshop. By combining On page and Off page actions, we improved the organic search visibility of the eshop as well as its rankings in crucial & competitive keywords such as "products for curly hair," "sulfate free shampoo," and "salon products" as well as in long tail keywords with informational intent such as "fillers for curly hair" and "hair color for 50's ".

The results surpassed all of our expectations. By fixing the technical issues, the creation of targeted categories, and by optimizing the blog's content and link building strategy, the SEO campaign resulted in a dramatic increase of the keywords in ranking.