The Power of TikTok for Ecommerce

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The Power of TikTok for Ecommerce

This month, TikTok for Business Europe published our second success story on the platform, featured among the most inspiring TikTok campaigns worldwide. Our featured case study takes a close look at how we built new audiences and generated conversions across Greece for our client Envie Shoes.

Our success story speaks to our agency’s continued commitment to tapping into the tremendous potential of TikTok global and local reach. We are especially proud to be the first Greek agency to have an Ecommerce success story spotlighted by TikTok and the first in the country to have two consecutive success stories published on Tik Tok for Business’s platform!

TikTok as a Powerful Performance Channel


While TikTok is known for its magical ability to spread awareness, our case study with Envie Shoes demonstrates how TikTok can also become a powerful performance channel. Our ecommerce campaign for Envie Shoes leveraged campaign types & ad solutions to drive website purchases and increase online sales, among other campaign objectives.

The Objective


Envie Shoes is a Greek fashion company specializing in women’s footwear since 1972. Envie Shoes not only wanted its TikTok campaign to help them stand out in the highly competitive clothing market – they wanted to boost traffic and sales, too. Working closely with Relevance Digital Agency since 2017, Envie Shoes dynamically entered TikTok in a bid to win over a new target female audience, encourage quality site visits and drive conversions.


Envie Shoes hit the feeds with one of TikTok’s most engaging ad formats – Spark Ads. This platform boosts organic videos directly from a brand or creator’s profile. Users can follow the brand or creator directly by tapping the “+” button, or they can swipe left to view their profile. As a result, brands experience deeper levels of organic engagement whilst retaining the ability to remain highly targeted.


By crafting a full funnel approach in order to maximize results, the most engaging content was then utilized in a conversion campaign that targeted warm audiences such as site visitors, video viewers, and cart abandoners.


Further leveraging Collection Ads, products that related to the videos of the creators were showcased, along with a coupon addressed only to TikTok users. The video with the coupon was first uploaded to the creator's profile, and then used as a paid promotion through Envie's account.


The Results


The overall paid strategy yielded results that exceeded all business objectives and campaign expectations. Relevance managed to significantly surpass the initial sales target set by the client, while achieving 10% higher ROI and a 95% decrease in cost per acquisition (data examined for July-August compared to May-June).