Relevance becomes a local partner of Endeavor Greece

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Relevance becomes a local partner of Endeavor Greece

Relevance becomes a local partner of Endeavor Greece to help the global nonprofit mentor the next generation of digitally-minded entrepreneurs.




The Endeavor community is a global network of thought leaders scaling up thriving young companies. After selecting international entrepreneurs with the highest potential for success, Endeavor connects these potential new leaders to the founders of some of the world’s leading tech companies, as well as representatives from Endeavor’s global list of partners, including Harvard University, Insead, EY, and Accenture.   

The data speaks for itself. Ever since Endeavor’s founding in 1997, entrepreneurs representing emerging markets across the globe have created over 500 companies and over 400,000 jobs. In 2013, Endeavor’s network of companies generated over $6.5 billion in revenues. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the global entrepreneurship movement stems in large part from the visionary foresight of Endeavor’s early founders. 

Today, these international entrepreneurs are guided by a dynamic group of Endeavor mentors who voluntarily offer their time and expertise to help them achieve their visionary goals.

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In 2012, Endeavor launched its first office in Europe in Greece. The local Endeavor community quickly established an exclusive selection of partnerships with some of the country’s most prominent companies, including Google, KPMG, and the National Bank of Greece.   

We are thrilled that Relevance has officially become the newest partner of Endeavor Greece, joining this impressive roster of local partners!




Back in 2017, Google Greece was invited by Endeavor and OPAP to mentor companies in the OPAP Forward program, one of the most significant Entrepreneurship programs in Greece. As Google held sessions on the role of digital transformation and growth with industry experts, the team quickly realized that each company was at a different level of digital “readiness”.   

And this is where we came in.  

Google invited us to the program to share our knowledge of best practices in digital marketing. Through a series of interactive sessions with company leaders, we introduced them to a host of digital marketing tools and skills, showcasing how they could unlock their company’s digital potential. We recounted some of our most emblematic case studies, including our digital campaigns for ParkAround and Agnotis. 

Out of this experience, our mentees grew to become some of our longest-standing clients. We have worked alongside Endeavor Greece ever since, volunteering our time to help nurture the next generation of aspiring Greek entrepreneurs. 

To this day, we collaborate with a large number of clients who participate in Endeavor’s programs, such as: OSeven, Funky Buddha, Zakcret, Nannuka, Coffee Island, Anna Maria Mazaraki, Dust & Cream, Apifon. 


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By mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs, we are able to place ourselves in the shoes of tomorrow’s business leaders who will be tasked to make important decisions that will determine their future success. As digital growth consultants, we are constantly fine-tuning our strategic awareness and adapting to change. We believe that being able to anticipate tomorrow’s unique business needs is essential to helping companies succeed. 

We aspire to develop a multifaceted partnership with Endeavor with the goal of promoting sustainable economic and digital growth. We hope this journey will have a great impact as we strive to help innovative businesses realize digital transformation projects that build resilience and predictive potential into the very fabric of their businesses.  

By becoming local partners of Endeavor Greece we are eager to begin empowering a new generation of social innovators. 

What will the next global movement in business be?