Relevance Digital Agency is certified a Great Place To Work®!

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Relevance Digital Agency is certified a Great Place To Work®!

We are extremely proud and happy to announce that Great Place To Work® Hellas certified Relevance as a Great Place To Work®. This special recognition is a meaningful achievement and encourages us to enhance our efforts to create an open, inclusive, and creative high trust working environment where everyone feels as an integral part of our team and can evolve personally and professionally. We are grateful to our people for believing in our mission and doing their best to make Relevance a great place to work.


Relevance is A Great Place to Work® Certified

The Great Place To Work® certification is based on the direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about the workplace experience across five dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, camaraderie. It is the largest survey conducted in the world in the field of corporate culture. The Great Place To Work® is a research and management consulting company specializing in corporate culture. For more than 30 years and in more than 60 countries, Great Place To Work® works with leading companies around the world to identify and build high trust, high performing workplace cultures.


About Relevance Digital Agency

At Relevance, our main purpose is to provide an environment for our team to flourish and throughout our seven-year long lifetime we have heavily invested time & resources in building and maintaining a strategy, structure and methodology with one goal in mind; Growth. We have created an inspiring workplace of 600m² open plan office that foster communication and collaboration, allowing our people to perform and develop by guiding and being guided.

We focus on six core principles through which we cultivate our culture, promote excellence and evolve:

Diversity - Knowledge - Innovation - Execution - Humility - Ownership


Relevance Principles and Values

We Hire for Attitude and Train for Skills

We see every new recruit as a next important building block for our company and search for well-rounded professionals with diverse backgrounds and an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Subsequently, we passionately invest in their skill-set development by: (1) providing a comprehensive product education orientation (2) setting performance related targets that impact their end of year salary increase, reinforcing at the same time meritocracy (3) encouraging attendance to Google/Facebook/Vendors events; (4) supporting an open space culture to nurture knowledge sharing.

We Welcome Diversity

Today we have built a team of engineers, web developers, physicists, mathematicians, designers, economists, political scientists and marketeers. With such a diverse team, we have enhanced our creativity, group problem solving and company culture.

We Innovate

We have invested in assembling a team of developers and data scientists that are dedicated in constantly creating new technological solutions to enhance our services, optimize automation and improve our effectiveness.

We Minimize Risk

From the performance marketing perspective, we try to formulate data driven strategies and reduce our clients’ risk by achieving proof of concept, before eventually scaling things up.

We Focus On our Clients’ Businesses

We deep dive into our clients’ business model and profitability indicators and then we produce state of the art performance marketing campaigns. We work with them from the ground up to optimize their product from every angle and maximize their ROI.

We Seek Excellence

Performance marketing is our company’s core business and achieving excellence is a one-way street. To do so we regularly execute checks of our Skill Score, Opti score and other KPI’s. optimize accordingly and invest in our team’s continuous improvement.

We Promote Transparency

We value transparency in all aspects of our business. When it comes to our employees, we provide an open floor plan, we share information and value their opinion in every step of our decision-making process. When it comes to our clients, we provide them full access in all accounts and other properties.

Relevance Digital Agency workplace culture


Office as a Second Home

We try to create and secure a workplace where we are happy to spend the biggest part of our day. We want our employees to feel that the office is an extension of their home by making them feel immersed and invested in the same interests as our company.

Sharing and Collaborating Culture

An important factor for our team to flourish is our open, sharing and collaborative culture. We have created an inspiring workplace of 600m² open plan office that foster communication and collaboration, allowing our people to perform and develop by guiding and being guided.

Open/Flat Hierarchy

We believe and promote a flat hierarchy management model where every employee as a part of a team is responsible for her own clients and results. Senior people’s main responsibility is to resolve problems when necessary or provide guidance based on experience. Junior employee’s ideas, proposals and input are treated equally. Our campaign experts have direct contact with our clients which we have found makes client/agency communication much more efficient.

Trust Comes First

Our strong values and spirited culture would have never been shaped if we had not established our most vital foundation: trust. When it comes to our employees, but also our clients, we have a very down-to-earth and realistic approach as to what can be done in a certain timeframe. We also always try to under-promise and over-deliver and we never take on projects that we do not really believe in. We dig deeper to better understand our clients’ objectives and what truly makes sense for them to invest in based on their needs.

Relevance: Great Vision without Great People is irrelevant.