Relevance Digital Agency wins for the second year in a row, an EMEA Google Premier Partner Award

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Relevance Digital Agency wins for the second year in a row, an EMEA Google Premier Partner Award

A Team like no Other!

Google Premier Partner Awards 2019: Relevance Digital Agency has won the Video Excellence Award and is named as Google's Leading Partner in Video Excellence for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

We are honored that our countless hours of hard work and innovation have been recognized and deeply humbled and overwhelmed to have ultimately won this significant industry award AGAIN! Special kudos to Avis Greece's Team, our Winning Case Study, who have entrusted us with their marketing efforts to ultimately redefine the Car Leasing industry.

This exceptional milestone would have never been reached if it wasn’t for the continued trust and unwavering support of our Account Managers at Google.

At this year’s Google Premier Partner Awards we are proud to have earned four nominations in the final influential shortlist and in the end to win the Video Excellence Award. This is the first time in the history of the Awards that a company takes the win in two consecutive years.

Premier Partner Awards

The Awards:

The celebrated Premier Partner Awards are held by Google every year and culminate in a spectacular award ceremony at Google's European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. These awards are where the best performing Digital Agencies from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) are celebrated for the innovative strategies they have implemented which have helped their customers grow their businesses.

A shortlist of 150 best Case Studies (25 from each category) are selected from each of the following six categories: 1. Search Excellence, 2. APP Excellence, 3. Display Excellence, 4. Video Excellence, 5. Shopping Innovation, and 6. Growing Businesses Online. 

Only agencies who have already been recognized as a Google Premier Partner are eligible to compete and the award evaluations are performed by Google as well as external audit firms.  

Watch the Awards Ceremony Video:


The Importance of Video Ads:

Video is the new Search: Video advertising is not new - for years Video ads have been the most engaging marketing mediums through which brands tell their stories. Maybe digital agencies have been a little late in realizing this, as we have been focusing more on the performance end of digital actions for our customers. The "innovation" in this area is that now, with the targeting capabilities provided, video is considered and operates as the "new search," where one can essentially target the personal "micro prime moment" of each user individually. We believe that the targeting opportunities provided will continue to evolve and that the largest advertising budgets will be invested in Video Campaigns in the coming years (if this is not already what is happening).


Winning Case Study:

Avis Video Excellence Award


AVIS – Video Excellence Award WINNER 2019

“Partnering with Relevance Digital at a pivotal point for our strategy development has proven extremely fruitful as they have established themselves as important partners in our marketing endeavors. The unique combination of technical skills and business acumen they possess is the game changer when differentiating a digital ad agency from a digital consulting one. With their help we achieved outstanding results in expanding a new offering in a difficult market.”

Thomas Siolas

AVIS Marketing Director

The Client

AVIS is a global leader in car rentals offering B2C rental solutions, as well as B2B and B2C

Car Leasing Services. In 2018, Avis’ Greek local team decided to strategically partner up with our agency to create and deliver a new performance marketing and branding strategy for the Greek market introducing a new offering: the B2C Car leasing Solution!


The challenge

The car rental business, although very profitable, is very seasonal (May-Sep) and experiencing intensifying competition. Expanding the car leasing side of the business, a less seasonal vertical, was a crucial next step towards the client’s year long cash flow prosperity. However, car leasing was an unknown nuance for the Greek market and thus the low funnel opportunity was limited (21 times smaller than car rentals, based on search queries’ interest).


The approach

Given the limited immediate commercial interest of leasing services, we focused on dissecting the upper funnel audience. After a joint market research, we uncovered 3 insights representing the leasing hurdles: a) the client’s brand was almost purely associated with car rentals; b) Leasing was viewed as a B2B solution; c) Greeks had fundamental misconceptions

regarding car leasing.


To surmount these obstacles, we structured our approach around awareness channels and divided it into 3 main themes: a) reposition the brand as both a car rental and a car leasing company; b) create awareness of the B2C leasing solution; c) educate the market via a series of humoristic video mythbusting named “Myths”. In order to make the message memorable and drive brand as well as performance impact, we designed the “Myths” concept

as an easily relatable, snackable content that covered a wide spectrum of interests.


Highlights and Achievement:

Despite dealing with a market leader, we managed to increase the awareness across all 3 areas of interest as measured by Brand Lift Surveys.

More specifically, we achieved

  • +28% Ad Recall
  • +17% Consideration 
  • +112% in Brand Interest as well as a +92% for car leasing query interest.

Consequently, the branding impact on the client’s sales was paramount, with:

  • 430% Growth in the strategically-important leads (request for offers) and
  • 40% increase in the total Conversion Rate.



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