Relevance joins Google’s International Growth Program

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Relevance joins Google’s International Growth Program

We are thrilled that Relevance Digital Agency, a Premier Partner, is joining Google's International Growth Program, an opportunity given to an exclusive selection of digital agencies worldwide.


What Is Google's Growth Program


Google’s International Growth Program selects internationally-minded agencies with an exceptional track record in helping businesses expand abroad and gives them exclusive access to Google’s international reach, partner network and global data insights. As cross-border trade continues to gain a significant share in the global economy, the program aims to tackle the most critical barriers businesses face when diversifying into new markets by helping agencies to identify and prioritize markets with the highest potential for client success. 

Relevance's International Outlook

International expansion is at the forefront of our strategic partnerships at Relevance. Our international campaigns have been distinguished year after year, most recently at the 2020 Social Media and Peak Awards supported by Facebook and Google, with our clients The Beat App and Agnotis. 


What This Means For Us


Joining Google’s International Growth Program is an important step of our journey as growth consultants. This accreditation recognizes our commitment to helping our clients scale growth on an international level and will allow us to gain strategic insights into consumer behaviors from across the world. 

Breaking it down, the Google International Growth Program will help us in three main areas: 

Opportunity identification (demand and trends) 

By accessing tools such as Google’s Market Explorer, we will leverage Google’s internal data combined with global data from Statcounter among other Google Partners, in order to identify client demand across high-priority markets. 

For companies with an existing international presence, this tool will allow us to analyze their current performance analytics before scaling up. 

Market assessment (competition, market/industry/local insights, audience data) 

Google’s International Growth Program will help us tailor paid ad strategies to local markets through custom ad strategies, ad products, analysis and tracking solutions in order to take our clients’ businesses to new heights.  

Overcoming Operational Barriers (localization, payments, customer care, logistics)  

According to Harvard’s Business Review, 82% of shoppers are more likely to buy if promotional material is in their own language. Overcoming subtle cultural barriers, local language, and obstacles such as localized payment solutions and customer support, can be a major challenge when entering a new market.  

Tools such as Google’s Market Finder, which provides information about tackling international payments, will help us prepare our clients for the operational barriers involved in international expansion. Moreover, by gaining access to Google’s extensive network of logistics partners, we have acquired an invaluable asset on the road to international success. 

The Challenge

53% of brands plan to expand to additional territories over the next 3 years.  

(Source: Reclaim Growth with Rapid Agency Transformation, Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Study Commissioned by Google, April 2020.) 

60% of brands say that acquiring Market Insights is by far the most important capability.

(Source: Google International Growth Services Survey.) 

83% of brands want their agency partners to address customer first strategies for multiple markets over the next 3 years. 

(Source: Reclaim Growth with Rapid Agency Transformation, Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Study Commissioned by Google, April 2020.) 

Approach Solution


Helping clients identify the best international opportunities for growth. 


Consulting our clients on operational planning and execution excellence. 


Helping clients localize their content and acquisition strategy in order to capture existing demand beyond borders. 


At Relevance, we recognize that businesses can never really eliminate risk but we can mitigate it by helping our clients learn, adapt and plan. Becoming a global business is not only an opportunity for growth but also for economies of scale, diversification (risk-proofing), gaining a competitive advantage against other players in one's field and enhancing your knowledge and experience. 

By making the most of the world-class support system provided by Google’s International Growth Program, we are committed to creating extraordinary success stories out of our clients' global futures.