The EUNICE NetProsumer app is a smart energy assistant, allowing consumers to take full control of their energy management. With real-time monitoring, users can optimize energy usage and remotely command selected devices via their smartphone, enjoying seamless control over energy consumption and cost savings from anywhere.

Areas of Work


In this project, our primary objective was to create an app interface that prioritizes user-friendliness, ease of use and high functionality. We strived to ensure data communication through intuitive design, visualizing energy readings in a clear and easily understandable manner that empowers users to manage their energy efficiently.



Our UX design purposefully visualizes the flow of energy to promote user-friendliness. We created infographics to ensure energy readings are easily comprehensible, promoting clear data communication. Our color scheme incorporates two EUNICE brand colors and three newly selected ones: a fresh violet hue that works great in digital imaging, harmonizing with the brand while standing out independently and a refreshing twist on the traditional green/red representation for on/off visuals, infused with a hint of neon. The font choice enhances UI friendliness, creating in an app interface that is both intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.